2018 New year speech of chairman

With the dawn of a new era, the hopeful 2018 is coming to us, a new voyage is about to begin.

On this occasion, on behalf of BBIC, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to all executives and employees all over the world. New year's greetings to all of you!

Time is fleeting, between the blink of eye, the past 2017, is destined to be an extraordinary year.

We have the common values, the common dream, the common pursuit, tightly grasps "Belt and Road", the national development strategy opportunity, we have created the remarkable achievement abroad, which is worth our commemorate and pride!

The first large-scale milling machine EPC project officially came into effect.

The first solar powered car washing project was formally accepted;

Developed the first small intelligent solar powered grinder;

Undertook the first large-scale hydro-power station operator training contract;

The world's first solar powered health project attained acceptance;

Developed the first tobacco flue-curing room.

Developed the first solar powered rice milling machine.

Developed a series of BBIC water purification products.

Invented the intelligent doors and windows;

Established the Zambia Belt and Road Initiative Industrial Park.


The past 2017 has witnessed the footprints we endeavored together. We rely on innovation, the strength of the team, constantly enterprising, with a heavy harvest, full of expectations, we are proud of the prosperity of the country and proud of the development of enterprises, and excited for the expansion of the team, happy for personal growth and progress, inspired and excited for prospects are brighter .

Roma is where under your footstep, dreams do not automatically become reality, the original intention can only be reflected in action. The philosopher said, each day that has not been striving is the betrayal of life Please carry out the sunshine and the dream with package, there may be flowers in the road of future, perhaps more hardness and danger, every victory is not easy to achieve. But please believe in the future, love life, be a believer and a fighter, not the hesitant, the slack, the hardness you went through will not be betrayed, the burden will become a gift, the suffering will light up in front of you, the bright future and happy life can never be separated during the experience of hardworking.

At this very moment, at the beginning of the year, I sincerely wish all staff of BBIC will have a happy family, successful career in the new year! Remake achievement this year!