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With the dawn of a new era, the hopeful 2018 is coming to us, a new voyage is about to begin.On this occasion, on behalf of BBIC, I would like to extend my sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to all executives and employees all over the world. New year's greetings to all of you!

Time is fleeting, between the blink of eye, the past 2017, is destined to be an extraordinary year.We have the common values, the common dream, the common pursuit, tightly grasps "Belt and Road", the national development strategy opportunity, we have created the remarkable achievement abroad, which is worth our commemorate and pride!

achievement abroad, which is worth our commemorate and pride!

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Beijing Bumu International Engineering Co.,Ltd (BBIC) is a global provider of solutions to improve living conditions and life quality, adhering to the corporate values of safety, quality and integrity, as well as the core concept of sustainable development, we strive to provide quality, standard and security personalized services to customers around the world.

The companies affiliated with BBIC, Ganzhou ETONE Foreign Economic & Technological Co., Ltd , CACARO Industrial Co.,Ltd, engaged on the development of PV intelligent distribution cabinet, the EPC project of intelligent micro-grid, the international import and export trade, the development of medium and high grade intelligent doors and windows, the design and the EPC project of constant pressure water supply and water purification system and, etc.

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12 December 2017, Beijing Bumu International Co., Ltd. (BBIC) and the Zambia delegation reached a consensus on further strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between the two parties--a 3 day Sino-Zambian ......